Here is just some of the feedback we have received from our students and/or their parents.

"I find Huw very approachable, punctual and reliable. My son seems encouraged by the progress he is making with the
help of his physics tutoring."
– Rachel

"Huw gave A-Level physics lessons to my son and he was really great with him, planned the lessons well, and was
always punctual and reliable. I can highly recommend Huw."
– Amanda

"My boy was not doing well at school and was predicted pretty low grades. He asked for Huw to give him extra help.
The outcome was grades 9 and 8 respectively. There is no doubt that Huw was a critical part of the process and helped
him gain the knowledge and the confidence to exceed all expectations."
– Clifford 

"Huw is helping our son prepare for his up and coming science GCSEs. We are extremely satisfied with the progress being
made so far. He is very polite, focused and thorough and has great empathy with my son."

"More has been learnt in one hour than in the whole of last year at college. Lessons are fun and enjoyable. Definitely
recommend Huw."
– Linda

"I thoroughly recommend Huw as a tutor. My son is having physics tuition and Huw’s calm and steady approach to
teaching this subject has meant that my son is able to learn in a positive environment which is really showing dividends.
Huw facilitates the learning but allows my son, who is a year 11 student, to take the lead as to what he feels he needs to
work on. Thank you, Huw."
– Sue

"We have found Huw to be an excellent tutor whilst currently working with my son for A-Level physics. He explains
concepts and assists with questions really well. He provides relevant and challenging additional material which has helped
my son significantly with his exam preparation. In fact my son has just achieved an A* in his 1st year exam which wouldn’t
have been possible without Huw’s help."
 – Ubaid

"Teaches very clearly and helps in understanding and application a lot." – Ishan