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Why Physics?

Physics has always been a compulsory subject for students in UK education and for a good
reason. Physics is the study of the world we find ourselves in, and offers a wealth of fascinating
disciplines under its vast academic umbrella - from aeronautics, astronomy and
electromagnetism to engineering, meteorology, particle physics and quantum mechanics - to
name only a few (honestly!). Additionally, physics also offers the chance to develop a wealth of
transferable workplace skills - from academic skills such as analysis of data, observation and
problem-solving to interpersonal skills such as communication, organisation and team work. It
is this capacity that physics - along with all sciences - has for providing students with
opportunities to develop so many skills that makes it one of the most attractive qualifications to
potential employers.

Unfortunately, many students struggle with grasping the demanding nature of physics, as well as the mathematics which underpins so much of it. Our tutors have seen this themselves from their time working in the classroom - students can often become frustrated, disaffected and lose confidence in the subject, very often leading to a snowball effect ending with complete withdrawal from participation in lessons. This is a real shame as physics is, with no doubt, one of the most powerful subjects to hold a qualification in, with employers in the UK and, indeed, all over the world, literally(!) crying out for physics graduates to fill a vast number of positions, from teachers to journalists, accountants to politicians...and more!

A good physics tutor can help willing students to regain their confidence and motivation in the subject. Removed from the peer and exam-driven pressures of the classroom, tuition can allow the student to explore the content in their own time, and as they choose, backed with the constant support and encouragement from the tutor. Content and learning methods can be completely tailored to the student as an individual - something which is impossible for teachers to be able to provide consistently within a classroom matter how good a job they do!

Physics is a subject that deserves to be felt passionately about. It is this passion that we aim to bring to the students that we teach, to empower them to move forward and strive to always be at their best, whatever path they choose to take.

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